Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you cards

Having spent the last few weeks unwell, it's certainly good to be back on board.. My beautiful Mum, Dad, Sister and dearest friend Kylie all pulled together and were so supportive. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. These are just two of the thank you cards I made for them, still a couple to finish. I purchased these adorable little stamps from a company in Scotland called Funky Kits. They are called "Gorjuss Girls".

Sorry about the quality of the photos. Trying to get natural light this afternoon was impossible. With the weather the way it is at the moment, if I didn't take them today, I wouldn't have been able to post anything for quite a while longer. You get the drift..

Here's another little baby I have finally finished. It's a stationary portfolio. It was so easy to make. I'm totally lovin' the Bella Rose DSP. I start
ed this project a while ago, and I can't for the life of me remember who created it. Will do some investigating and let you know. Promise! And again, sorry about the photography.

Ahhh, I remember now. It was on Becky's blog, "Inking Idaho" and the original idea was from a la
dy by the name of Nancy Horn. I didn't "really" remember, I had a quick look. LOL...

This is on the outside, both sides are the same, just different cards. There's room on the inside for envelopes or other little goodies.

I'm holding a workshop tomorrow night and am having 6 lovely ladies come around. Can't wait. Take care.

xo Jackie

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  1. Yay, welcome back lovely lady. Glad you're well enough to be able to do the things that make you smile. I'm in love with the "Gorguss" stamps. You've done a brilliant job of colouring yet again. You certainly have a talent. Many colouring books, many years ago. lol. I'll know when you are really feeling better as there will be diamonds on something. :)
    love ya, Kylie.