Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Card for my Sister and a special Thank you card from a dear Friend

Here is the card I just finished for my beautiful little sister Helens' Birthday. Happy Birthday for the 12th honey. She lives over in Western Australia and I miss her so much. She has a beautiful little boy Nathaniel and he is just like her. I love t
hem to bits. I'm hoping that they will be able to make it across this way for one of my other sister's 40th Birthday. Unfortunately, that isn't until January.

Speaking of January, we have been posted to Canberra and will leave here on the 6th January. I'm in the process of finding schools and housing (oh Joy!!!). I love Canberra, so of course part of me is quite excited by that, on the other hand, I have some very dear friends and family here and it is going to be hard leaving them. Canberra is only about 5 hours away, so it will be easy to come up for weekends.

I'm definately on the countdown now, until my gorgeous husband will be coming home from the Middle East. 14 days and counting. I'm so excited, even getting little butterflies in my stomach. I still haven't told the kids of his expected arrival as it could change so quickly. I learnt that the hard way last Christmas. I miss him so so much and am extremely proud of him serving our country.

It was his Birthday yesterday and his troops arranged a chocolate cake for him (his favourite). How special was that?? We had a cake for him also. My son decided that he should eat his dad's piece for him. It was so cute.

On a completely different note. My dear friend Kerri-Anne came over yesterday for a visit and handed me this incredible thank you card she had made. The work she put into it was amazing. I haven't taken a pic of the inside as she had handwritten a personal message to me, but I can tell you, the sewing she did was fantastic. Everything was cut out by hand. Sh
e definately has a knack. Thank you so much Kerri-Anne, you are gorgeous.

Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who leave me comments. I really do appreciate them all. Till next time, take care xo Jackie


  1. What a beautiful card you have made,gorgeous colouring and design.....and what a fabulous floral embellishment!!! I am so happy for you,that you are soon to see your husband,it just brought a tear to my all make an extreme sacrafice for us and this country and we sincerely thankyou for it and I am sure many feel the same way!! BTW your friends card is amazing,lucky you.

  2. WOW.. these are both stunning.. Love them!! Bec xx