Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update on Jackie

Hello to all, and thankyou to those who have been wishing Jackie well. Jackie's condition was caused by a virus, headaches included. After adjustments to her medication she is now starting to feel better, however she will have to stay in hospital one more day. Kids will have to put up with my poor culinary skills, oh well you cannot be good at everything.

Jackie's sister Helen is getting married today in Perth, so poor Jackie has also missed out on this important event. All in all it has been one week we would all rather forget.



  1. Hi Geoff,

    Please let Jackie know she is in my thoughts and prayers. Also, please let her know that I received the most wonderful gift assortment today! I was just gobsmacked! LOL When she can, I would love to hear from her. I want Jackie to know that I'm here and thinking of her!

    Chris Christensen

  2. OH Im so glad to hear that Jackie is starting to feel better.. And will be home soon..
    Hugs. Linda

  3. i am so happy to hear that Jackie is feel better......i hope she come home soon.....


  4. How sad that you're unwell and not able to come to Perth for Helen & Dean's wedding! I was looking forward to meeting you! Take care of yourself.
    Odette x

  5. Thats great to hear that Jackie is on the mend and slowly starting to get on top of things, but sad she was unable to attend her sisters wedding. I live in Perth and I can say the weather is lovely today and so her sister will have a great day even if she is unable to share her special day with Jackie,Im sure you are there in spirit Jackie xxxx

  6. So glad that they know what it is so Jackie can have the right medication and feeling better,so sorry that she missed the wedding of her sister,but she has to take care of herself first,please give her a big hug from me!
    Hugs Heidy

  7. So happy that, at last, things are sorted out, and hope now, for a speedy recovery. Hope your daughter is feeling better too, and with luck Jackie can watch a video of the wedding.
    Take care Jackie, will look forward to having you back soon...
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  8. Thanks for letting us know Geoff, I can only imagine how worried you've all been. I know that Jackie must be devastated to have missed her sister's wedding. I'm so happy to hear that she's now on the mend, I hope that Erin is too!
    *hugs* to you all
    Sal x

  9. Thanks for the updates. Wishing Jackie a quick recovery......everyone Take care.

  10. Hi Geoff
    Please give Jackis my best wishes & I hope she is back on her feet soon..
    Love Vic

  11. Love and best wishes to you Jackie - get better soon. jenny b x

  12. Hi Geoff,
    Glad to hear that Jackie is beginning to feel a bit better but so sorry that she missed the wedding, poor love. Let her know I'm thinking of her here in Scotland.
    Nice to see that my hubby is not the only one who takes over the blog when illness comes in - maybe we should start a husbands association.
    Fiona x

  13. so glad to hear Jackie is feeling a smidge better and will be home real soon
    big hugs to her from Daniele

  14. So pleased to read that you are on the mend and will soon be home. Sending healthy wishes to you, Amanda xo