Thursday, February 5, 2009

Easter is coming

I know Easter is a little way off yet, but I can't wait. I am having a few lovely ladies come around to my home tomorrow night and we are having an Easter workshop. Yes! we will be indulging in a few chocolate eggs, mmm chocolate!! These are the projects we will be making.

Don't you just love "A Good Egg" stamp set? It's quite obvious I do.. Below is another project I made recently. It's a door hanger, which holds a small bag of eggs.

On a completely different note, I recently bought a beautiful book 'Daily guidance from your Angels', written by Doreen Virtue. It is filled with soothing messages from the Angels. I understand that this is not everyones "cup of tea", but I find it extremely comforting. Each page has thoughts, and beneficial ways to approach the day. Todays thought said "I send blessings and friendly expressions to everyone I meet today, igniting the flame of Divine joy within myself and others. I pass along smiles and enjoy thinking about how my happiness creates a positive chain reaction." How true it is.


  1. what a beautiful thought for the day, if only we all could be so thoughtful of others. It's amazing what a smile and a little friendliness can create.

    Beautiful card jackie, I'm so excited about hosting a demonstration, with wonderful products and a beautiful demonstrator.

    See you soon kerri-anne

  2. Had a great time on friday night. the only problem is that i don't want to give anything away as everything is sooooo beautiful.


  3. Firstly I'd like to say thankyou for a great night of stamping and creating, secondly I'm so proud of you for being brave enough to trust all of your guests with your precious stash of "Dazzling Diamonds". I hope we've left you enough to keep "Rolling In It"!