Monday, July 6, 2009


Here are some more magnolias I have been working on lately.

This one was coloured with my new copic markers. Ooohhh, they are so scrummy to use. I just love Tildas face. Even though she doesn't have many features on her face, she is still very expressive.

This one was coloured using my Stampin' Up! markers.

Well I'm on the countdown now until my handsome husband is home with us all again. At the moment we are looking at having him home in about 8 weeks time. He left in March, it feels like a lifetime ago at times. We will have lots of reasons to celebrate, first and foremost, Geoff coming home. then we will celebrate his 50th Birthday (which he will be overseas for), and we will also be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary. So it's going to be one big party in the Thomas household...Can't wait.

Take care, till next time xo Jackie


  1. oooh, parties!! I'll bring the wine! (yes I've invited myself). I think I'll skip the anniversary celebration and baby sit instead.
    I love these two cards, especially the pink one! The papers that Bec sends over are just lovely. You have a talent for piecing these kits together. Mine look like they've been through the washing machine. I have to ask.. have you run out of diamonds.?

  2. Gorgeous Jackie,you have done a brilliant job with Becs kits and your colouring of Tilda is perfect!!! BTW that's a long time to be away from your husband,sounds like you are going to have a WOW of a party when he gets home and rightly so.Thanks for the lovely comment you left and your blog is fantastic.

  3. Hi Jackie, WOW these cards look amazing. You have coloured the tilda's in so well.. Bec xxx

  4. Hi Jackie
    You are very talented I love your cards and you colour so well it is a ture art to do it. I know I can't seem to get it right another lesson for me:)

  5. Hi Jackie,
    thank you for your lovely commentar on my blog.
    Your cards looks wonderful and I love your coloration with the copics. I have no copics, I color with my Polychromos from Faber Castell.

    Hugs, Sonja xxx

    (sorry for my bad english *redhead* )